Ice Finder help

Ice Finder is utility for people looking for ice to skate on. Thanks to NASA there are daily photos (and more) taken of our planet everyday and the best thing is that the data is free and available just a few hours after they've been taken!

We have currently two overlay layers and three background layers on this site. The overlay layers consists of a label layer "Lake names" showing names of the major lakes (currently only in and around Sweden). The "Landcover" layer shows everything that is land. Lakes and the ocean is transparent. The Landcover layer makes it easier to see what is a lake/ocean and what is land which during the winter time can be hard to figure out.

Below the overlays we have the daily background layers which consists of one called "Default" which is something similar to a satellite image, where the colours have been altered somewhat which makes it easier to see the ice. The other two layers "Band 31 day" and night are infrared images where the sensor in the satellite can detect the temperature on the ground. The colours have been altered so that blueish colours mean surface temperature below zero and orange tones are above zero. When there are is colour at all, then it has probably been a cloudy day/night over that area when the picture was taken. Try another time or date!

A more detailed help/tutorial will be posted here or somewhere else in the near future!

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